Managing products

Your products are the goods, services, and digital downloads that you sell. You can add your products in Quaderno by entering product details and uploading product images.
Adding products is optional, but we recommend doing it in the following scenarios:
  • You want to keep track of your product sales across multiple channels.
  • You want to customize your product descriptions on your invoices.

Creating products

To create a new product, just follow the following steps:
  1. Go to the products page and click Create product.
  1. Enter the product SKU, along with additional details.
  1. Click Create product.
Want to add many products at once? You can add a bunch of existing products using the import products option!

Editing products

After you've created products, you can edit them to change their descriptions, prices, and any other product details.
To edit a product, just follow the following steps:
  1. Go to the products page and click the name of the product you want to change.
  1. In the dropdown menu, click Edit.
  1. Modify the product details.
  1. Click Save changes to confirm your changes to the product.

Product details

The details you provide for a product affect the way the product appears in your invoices and checkout links, make it easier for you to organize your products and generate better reports. You don't have to provide every detail for each product.
  • SKU – The code that identifies the product within your business. For effective tracking and sales reporting, each SKU needs to be unique.
  • Product name – The product’s name, meant to be displayed to the customer.
  • Description – The product’s description, meant to be displayed to the customer on invoices and checkout forms. Describe your products in detail to inform and persuade your potential customers.
  • Type of product – The type of the product. The product is either a tangible good or a service. Default is service.
  • Tax class – The tax class that applies to the product. Default is eservice.
  • Calculate tax based on – How taxes are going to be calculated: based on the customer country or a particular country.
  • Price – The price that you're charging for the product.
  • Tax in price – Specify if the taxes are included or excluded in the price.
  • Purchase type – The type of transaction: one-off purchase or subscription.
  • Image – The image that represents the product. If you use Quaderno Checkout, this will be displayed on your checkout forms.
If the product is a subscription, you might also need to complete some extra fields:
  • Stripe plan ID – The ID of the Stripe plan that will be created on Stripe.
  • PayPal frequency – The frequency when the charge should recur on PayPal.
  • Number of payments – The number of times the charge should recur.