In your Quaderno account you can create invoices for all your sales - no matter how you sell online.
You can create invoices automatically with one of our integrations, and you can create invoices manually directly in your Quaderno account.
You'll find all invoices on the invoices page.

Getting started

How invoices workCreating an invoiceImporting transactionsSending invoices to customersCreating a recurring invoice
The invoices page displays a list of your invoices in the selected period.
The invoices page displays a list of your invoices in the selected period.


What information do I need to include on an invoice?
A good invoice must include the following pieces of information:
  • Your business name and address
  • The name and address of the company or customer you are invoicing
  • A unique invoice reference or number that can only refer to the invoice in question
  • A date – usually the date the invoice was created (raised, for the accountants in the audience)
  • A list of the products and/or services you have provided, liny by line, with a cost for each
  • A total amount for the invoice
  • The payment terms (e.g. how long a customer has to pay)
It’s also a good idea to include:
  • The amount of VAT/IVA/GST for each item or the total tax amount for the whole invoice, if every item is subject to the same rate
  • Your VAT number (if you are VAT registered)
  • Your company number (if you are a registered company)
That sounds like a lot of hassle, eh? Luckily, we’re here to make it easy for you. With Quaderno, we’ll fill all of that information for you, leaving you free to do the meaningful work.
How can I search for an invoice?
On the invoices page, you can search by:
  • contact related fields: full name and email (wildcard terms allowed)
  • number, PO number and processor_id can also be used as search terms but only with exact texts


I edited an invoice by mistake. Can you restore it to an earlier version?
I'm afraid we don't store the invoice history. If the invoice was created with an integration, you can check in the related payment processor or ecommerce platform to find the original transaction details.
I deleted an invoice by mistake. Can you restore it?
No, unfortunately we cannot restore a deleted invoice. Once an invoice has been deleted, the record is erased out of the system and you may not have it for your future reference. Instead of deleting invoices, we recommend converting invoices into credit notes.

Correcting invoices

To comply with international invoicing standards, from July 1 manual modifications to amounts & taxes in automated invoices and credit notes will no longer be permitted. Read more on this here: Making an invoice final.
Making an invoice finalIssuing a credit note⚠️Editing an invoice⚠️Deleting an invoice